Kids Martial Arts Program

Sirat as-Sayf Martial Arts is proud to offer a comprehensive kids martial arts program designed to help children develop physical fitness, discipline, and confidence. We offer a range of classes for children of all ages and abilities.

  • Comprehensive training in martial arts techniques.
  • Age-appropriate activities and games.
  • Character education.
  • Mental and emotional skills training.
  • Experienced instructors.
  • Welcome to all skill levels.

Our program includes training in a variety of martial arts techniques, including punches, kicks, blocks, and throws, as well as drills and exercises to improve coordination, balance, and flexibility.
We tailor our program to the specific needs and abilities of children, with age-appropriate activities and games to keep kids engaged and motivated.
We incorporate elements of character education, such as respect, discipline, and self-control, to help children develop positive values and behaviors.
In addition to physical training, our program includes training in mental and emotional skills, such as focus, concentration, and stress management.
Our experienced instructors are dedicated to helping kids reach their full potential and to providing a safe, supportive, and positive environment for learning.
We welcome kids of all ages and skill levels to join us and experience the benefits of martial arts training.



Sirat As-Sayf MMA is a martial arts system that specializes in the use of edge weapons as well as unarmed techniques for close-quarters combat.


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